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IMPORTANT: Please Read This Entire Page for Details on How the Event Works, How to Get Access to Each Day’s Free Sessions & What to Do if You Miss One!

Step 1: Get Important Event & Access Details

Welcome to the 2018 3rd Annual Autism Hope Summit: Hope With A Plan: Keeping Families Together, Whole & Healthy!

The group of experts joining us for this special online event will be guiding you through high-impact tools, techniques and strategies that have been shown to make a difference for families just like yours.

The live event has ended - no worries though, we're working up some incredible new programs for you - watch your email for details.

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Here’s the structure of this program, why you need to participate in this event and what you can do if you can’t make some of the sessions…

But here’s the thing…

What do you do if you miss a session you really wanted to hear? Or you want to go back and reference the tools or resources mentioned during a specific session?

We appreciate the fact that you are busy. And the last thing we want to do is overwhelm you or have you stress about making each of these sessions.

So here’s what we decided to do…

  • If you would like to listen to any of the 25+ sessions even one more time…
  • If you prefer to listen to these sessions on the go: in your car, on your mobile phone or tablet, or on a portable device while running errands, taking care of your child, or while resting in bed…
  • Or if you prefer reading and taking notes and you’d like a transcript of each session!
  • And especially if, like many parents, you want a workable PLAN to utilize everything you’ll be learning during this summit, and you want to get your hands on our beautifully styled digital workbook with clearly laid out resources, steps, links and recommendations from each session…

Step 2: Get Lifetime Access to over 25 Sessions When You Donate to Support Our Goal to Equip Thousands of Families This Year

We invite you to take advantage of one of our Special Upgrade Packages… which we’ve made available for a small donation that will go directly to our programs supporting families with Autism.

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Remember, your purchase goes to fund our nonprofit and help other families impacted by Autism.

Enjoy lifetime digital access to all Autism Hope Summit sessions + bonuses when you upgrade now.

The free level access to the Autism Hope Summit will equip you with profound techniques, tools and nutritional strategies that have been shown to help children with Autism. You’ll also receive guidance and meaningful reminders to take care of YOU, the caregiver, and you’ll learn simple yet effective ways to nurture yourself and your relationships.

Because you’ll be receiving so much information during these ten days, we want to make sure that you feel confident in the steps you can take with this information. That’s why we’ve created the Entry Level and Premium upgrade packages and made them available for a small donation to help us fundraise for our upcoming 2018 programs.

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Please Support Our Sponsors

Each of our sponsors is dedicated to transforming the realities we now face with Autism Spectrum Disorder. During the summit you will have the opportunity to win over $16,000 in nutritional products and more generously donated by our sponsors. To help you in taking this important step towards real healing for you and your child. We are grateful to each of them for their kindness.

Step 3: Share the Autism Hope Summit with all your friends, family, medical practitioners!

EVERYONE can benefit from this summit.  The more that attend, the more benefit Autism Hope Alliance is able to give back to the Autism community!

Here's What Attendees Said About The 2018 Summit

I have been enjoying every moment of this summit! Truly a blessing and it really gives a parent hope to see that so many experts are working together to help us as parents in providing our children with the best so that they can reach their full potential!


A big takeaway from the summit is ENZYMES!  We use probiotics but it never clicked until yesterday the importance of enzymes more than probiotics.  I always assumed the enzymes were if not following GFCF diet. Hearing the presentation was like a lightbulb suddenly went off for me.


This has been an amazing summit so far!


Loved the session on gut brain connection! Thank you! Great and helpful information!