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If you’ve ever felt frustrated or hopeless while dealing with the heartbreaking challenges of Autism, you’re not alone.  Join us!

  • Discover the latest cutting edge brain and gut science
  • Discover the latest cutting edge nutritional therapies
  • Discover the tools and therapies to help you cultivate a deep, meaningful relationship with your child or loved one

Hope IS possible

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What If You Had A Plan to Reclaim Your Child’s Health (and Your Own Life) From Autism?

Join over 30 of the World’s Most Trusted Doctors, Researchers & Therapeutic Specialists as they reveal the cutting edge science and techniques that are paving the path towards healing: for children AND their caregivers.

Autism Hope Alliance has provided over $1.5 Million in scholarships, program assistance, special foods, supplements, books, cleaners, toys and other crucial supplies to families across America. To date Autism Hope Alliance has helped give education, resources and spread HOPE to over 62,000 families through the lectures they have given and the conference attended. Last year’s summit reached 169 countries and over 9,000 families! With this online summit we can reach a global audience and touch hundreds of thousands of people by bringing Autism experts, resources and free products directly to those who need it most.

Join Our Gathering of Families & Experts As We Bring You HOPE WITH A PLAN

2019 Autism Hope Summit ~ Speakers

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From the desk of
Kristin Selby Gonzalez
Autism Hope Alliance, President
Mother of Jaxson, age 17

(diagnosed with Autism)

Do you remember the moment that your child – the love of your life – was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder? I do. It felt like the world went from color to black and white in an instant.

We had first grown concerned when we lost all eye contact and language with Jaxson at 15 months old. But even that loss of communication and connection couldn’t prepare my son’s father and I for the devastation we experienced when our doctor told us we had lost any chance at a future with our son.
On October 15, 2004 we were told our son would never talk or read or be able to work a day in his life. He was only 2 years and 4 months old at the time. We were warned to give up all hope of a relationship with Jaxson because “he won’t know the difference between you and the chair you’re sitting on.”

If you endured a similar conversation with your doctor, I am here to tell you that such a future – with no hope or relationship with your child – is NOT set in stone. If you’ve felt the overwhelm, the dread, the grief and helplessness that comes with an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis, please know that there is more than hope for you and your child. Autism Hope Alliance and I would like to give you Hope with a Plan.

I invite you to join us for 6 very special days as we bring you a unique online summit event that honors you as the caregiver and the backbone of your child’s hope and chances for health. Each day you’ll discover nutritional and physical therapies, cutting edge discoveries and more that will help you on your journey with Autism.

And, equally important, each day you’ll discover ways to care for yourself as the caregiver as we bring you self-care techniques, communication and family building practices, and more… specific to parents of children with Autism.

Today my son is talking more and more, doing basic math, loves the beach, biking, swimming and rock climbing. He’s learning how to read, and he often looks deep into my eyes and tells me, “I love you, mommy.” I tell you this because we often focus so much in this community on recovery that we forget the simple daily pleasures and gifts of our relationship with our child.

Meet Our Host

Kristin Selby Gonzalez

Autism Hope Alliance, President

Kristin Selby Gonzalez is the mother of a child on the Autism spectrum. In 2008 she began serving as the Director of Autism Education at Enzymedica. Since then, she has advised numerous supplement companies with respect to their policies and product formulations for children on the spectrum.

Kristin speaks all over the world, having educated tens of thousands of caregivers throughout the years on different strategies to help children on the Autism spectrum. Since September 2012, Kristin has been leading the Autism Hope Alliance where she serves as President.

Please Support Our Sponsors

Each of our sponsors is dedicated to transforming the realities we now face with Autism Spectrum Disorder. During the summit you will have the opportunity to win over $16,000 in nutritional products and more generously donated by our sponsors. To help you in taking this important step towards real healing for you and your child. We are grateful to each of them for their kindness.

Here’s What Attendees Said About The 2019 Summit

I have been enjoying every moment of this summit! Truly a blessing and it really gives a parent hope to see that so many experts are working together to help us as parents in providing our children with the best so that they can reach their full potential


A big takeaway from yesterday is ENZYMES! We use probiotics, but it never clicked until yesterday the importance of enzymes more than probiotics. I always assumed the enzymes were if not following GFCF diet. Hearing the presentation was like a lightbulb suddenly went off for me.


Loved the session on gut brain connection!!! Thank you!! Great and helpful information! Bought some Enzymedica and some good probiotics.


The Autism Hope Summit has given me so much information, I would have to search for years to discover. The speakers speak from personal experiences and with expertise in fields that one may not have considered. It is mind boggling how one should consider so many aspects of the child’s life to help them move forward. Yet is it heartwarming to know that despite what the diagnosis is, we can always try to help move forward with dignity and compassion!


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