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This is the best summit I have ever watched and listened, you covered everything single aspect of autism and epilepsy . Thank you so much for bringing the best speakers and planting hope into our life.  We have learned a lot and we are going to try some supplements recommended by some speakers for speech. Again thank you so much!


Good morning from South Africa.

All I can say is: “WOW❗️WOW❗️👌”. I am so glad that my husband and I had the opportunity to watch every day and learn so much. My son is 25. Diagnosed with Aspergers.  We don't have allot of help and resources in our small town. So sometimes it’s difficult but we have learned a lot these last few days and do have more “tools” in our toolbox.🙏🏻  For that we have to thank you and are forever grateful.  Thank you so much.


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Here's What Attendees Said About The 2019 Summit

I just wanted to say thank you, I love the summit, my first one was last year, and I became a fan of AHA since then. You are my favorite autism page. Thank you so much for bringing such hope and amazing speakers. I'm really interested in the lack of speech topic becaus my daughter is still non verbal, but she is only 5 and you have given me lots of hope.

Thanks forever,

~ Gabriela

Thank you for this Summit. I have shared with a couple of other parents that I have met at my son and daughter’s school. They had no idea what other support is out there for their child. One of them is currently on a waiting list for 9 months for aba. One of them doesn’t have support with her ex on feeding their daughter the right foods. Your Summit helped me when our daughter was first diagnosed when no one gave us answers - just a pamphlet.

~ Veronica

Our daughter, age 5, was diagnosed last month with high functioning autism and gen. anxiety disorder. A friend texted me about the summit, and it has opened up a whole new world to us. We are a little overwhelmed, but incredibly grateful for the information and resources we’ve learned about. Thank you!!!

~ Jessica
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